Thursday, 7 April 2016

2.5 months in....

They say the first 3 months are the hardest and ain't that the truth. We still have a fair way to go but I kind of feel like we are starting to get on top of things. Nap time is still a struggle as well as madam staying in her cot and my back is crying out for some relief from constantly rocking this little dot (thankfully Caitlin - aka remedial massage wonder woman - from In balance mobile massage is back for few weeks so sneaking in a in-home massage next week and I can't wait)

But apart from all the crying the guilt and worry you feel as a new mum I can't get over how amazing being a mama actually is. She is so much more responsive and alert over the past few weeks it just melts my heart. When she wakes up and my face is the first thing she sees and it brings a huge smile to her face.... honest to god I cry pretty much every time. She knows I'm her mama now and as hard as it can be that she wants to spend 99% of the day with me, on me and in her line of vision at all times (even if I have to go to the bathroom) it feels so nice to know someone loves you 110% no matter what you do. I wish I could bottle this moment in time forever.

Also sneak peek at one of the custom handmade designs we have in the works for Three Sparrows that will be relaunching with new website soon... Dates TBABL (Dates To Be Advised By Lucy)

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