Monday, 7 March 2016

Abuela went home... and now?

and now.... well now Ana has to put her big girl pants on and actually be a mummy and that scares the hell out of me. It has been great having mum here these past 3 months but does anyone else feel like you don't have to "ADULT" when your mum is around? It's like going back in time having dinners on the table, your laundry done and someone telling you to go to bed :p

I thought I had this motherhood thing down while she was here {with the occasional meltdown} but as the days got closer to mum's departure date I think it really hit me that no matter how old you are you always need your mum. Sure there are the rebellious years {that I am not looking forward to with my own} but once you have a child of your own those menacing threats you get from mum when you creep back into the house at 5am of "YOU'LL SEE - ONE DAY YOU WILL UNDERSTAND" becomes a very clear reality.... I will forever be worried and thinking of her best interest... 24/7!

Thanks mum for everything you have done not just in the past 3 months with us and Lucy but for the past 31 years. Like I said no matter how old you are you always need your mum and it's a comforting thought that I will now have that with my girl...

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