Wednesday, 23 March 2016

6 weeks in and what have I learnt?

First and foremost, I learnt that Steve and I can cook up one damn cute human... I mean that face, I can {and do} stare at it all day. Secondly it is now almost 8 weeks. YES, this post has taken me that long.

Everything I thought I knew was stupid... I think this one is self explanatory really. I thought I knew so much about babies and kids, we have so many of them in our life. I knew nothing. All the plans and ideas I had of what our family was going to be like... yeah, it was all dumb. Towards the end of my pregnancy I would see woman with their babies and think

Planning is for suckers... No amount of planing, no amount of advice/stories from friends and family with kids can EVER prepare you for being a parent. I/we tried to plan and I can't even remember what any of them are. I've just been living in a haze of whatever works on any given day is good enough for me... I can't even plan for an hr ahead she is that unpredictable.

Birth was not as scary as I thought it would be... I never had an opinion on sharing our birth story really before I went through it myself but I'm not sure if I want to share my birth story online. Mind you I read every birth story blog I could find online before my own so thank you to all you woman who shared. I find it to be such an intimate moment between our little family and a memory I will never forget for as long as I live. I like to journal our milestones on this blog to remind me down the track of moments but somethings you will never forget and to be honest there are no words to describe what I felt that day.

Showers are a privilege... For as long as I live I will never take a shower for granted or being able to go to the toilet when I actually need to.

Babies are LOUD! ... I do believe I am now partially deaf in my right ear. Lucy has a very healthy lung capacity and that's all I have to say about that.

You are never too old to need your mummy. Yeah this one was a shocker for me. I thought I was so strong and organised but when it comes to this 4kg bundle of joy I become a blubbering mess crying to my mummy - what do I door??? It was so great having her here and thank god for Skype.

The human body is one crazy/wonderful/kinda F-Up thing... From the physical act of giving birth to how your mind helps you deal and it's crazy fast way of recovering blows me away. I just can't believe that I was capable of it all. I made a human.

Stretch mark creams are a waste of time/money... And I will never buy one again. I went through tube after tube, buying the most expensive to the cheapest in hopes that it would work. I applied it religiously.... but... yeah no! come week 36 those stretch marks came in fast and strong, cream or no cream. Pre-baby I was super self conscious and upset about them and now...? Now I could care less, I see them as a badge of honour because those squiggly lines gave me the most precious gift I could ask for. {I haven't worn a bikini in years so I don't know what I was so worried about???}

I can survive {barely} on 2 hours sleep... If you ask Steve he would probably state otherwise but forgive me my love as I do not know/mean the things I say at 2am. I have never gone this long without consecutive hours of sleep. The only time I went a significant amount of time without sleep was our first flight to LA and trying to stay up so our jet lag wouldn't be so bad.... But at least I got to enjoy some cocktails at Bubba's while we waited it out. No cocktail hour for this breastfeeding mama.

I can eat almost anything one handed... A talent I never knew I possessed.

Other mums are actually really nice... I have heard some nasty stories in the past of "mean girls" behaviour with other mums and I was not really looking forward to having to join a mothers group. {because seriously who has time for that shit at this age?} It's still early days and I don't start my official mothers group until later this week but so far every other mum I have met in the hospital, clinics, workshops heck even public parents rooms at the shops have been super nice and friendly. And why not? We are all sleep deprived, hormonal and in the same boat what more do you need in common to become friends?

Wonder Weeks App can eat a D#@k... Pardon my french. I find it gives me more anxiety knowing the horrors that's to come AND that its not easing up for another 4 days because the angry thunderstorm cloud says so... I feel like knowing these so called Wonder Weeks are coming up just makes me uneasy in the lead up and in turn makes Lucy uneasy and then becomes a vicious cycle and prolongs it to a wonder fortnight. It has now been deleted and I will now just like to be surprised when she goes through her baby PMS.

And lastly... that there is no love greater than the love you feel for your child... No matter how sleep deprived, hungry, hormonal or sore I look at her face and none of that matters as long as she's happy and healthy.

I love you my little Lucy girl and look forward to learning a whole lot more together. xox

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