Sunday, 21 February 2016

I gave my heart on the morning of January 25th

This will be my 15th (no 16th) attempt at finishing this post ... so just a short and sweet announcement over here as this little poppet snoozes on my chest... Steve and I are just smitten with the new addition to our little family. I can't believe she will be 4 weeks old on Monday (the longest and shortest month of my life). 

No one can prepare you for the first time you become a parent. You think you know and you try to imagine, you watch all your friends do it and listen to all the horror stories they have to offer but nothing can prepare you. The overwhelming, instant love and fear you feel that this little person whom you've never met before brings is incredible. The moment Lucy was on my chest and looked up at me with those big eyes I knew -
This is my job now, nothing else matters.

And now I'm crying so I better take this little poppet to bed and pull myself together we have another night ahead. Wish us luck for at least a 4 hour sleep xox

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