Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The waiting game begins... 4 weeks

{Photography: Jeff Chen}
After all the craziness that has been November and December with wrapping up work and Christmas I am looking forward to {hopefully} enjoying a few weeks of nothing before the BIG job hits us of being Mummy + Daddy...

This is my first pregnancy so I am no expert on time lines but when the midwife tells you that baby is already engaged at 34 weeks and you have hardly anything organised shit seems to get real pretty quick. It's so easy to freak out at times when you have a wiggle bum of a girl on the inside that only allows me an hour and half of sleep at a time EVERY night, a pram and car seat still in the box in our living room and a baby shower being organised that I hope I make it to... But this guy up here is what keeps me going. Humouring me and at times ganging up on me with my mum {who is kindly staying with us and helping HEAPS with all the domestics around the house - thanks so much mum} to poke fun at me when I get all hormonal/confused + forgetful.... yeah, good times. But most of all he has been so loving supportive and understanding that I don't know what I would do or even if I could do this without him.

Over the past 8 months I have just fallen in love with him more and more and think he is going to be the best father to our little girl. I couldn't have chosen a better man to share this part of my life with.
It's the end of one chapter {as I have probably said in about 50 posts over the course of my pregnancy} in our life together but I as scared as I am of the unknown that's to come for us in 2016 {or in the next few weeks} I can't wait to be scared of the unknown together Stevie boy... I love you.

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