Wednesday, 18 November 2015

New York I miss you..

The past few weeks as enormous as I am I have had the urge for us to travel back to NY. We have made so many wonderful memories together in this city, first as a couple and then as husband and wife. I think it's just starting to hit me that in 10 short weeks our lives are going to change forever, it will never be just us 2 ever again. I have been getting very nostalgic/sentimental lately (tears and all) going through all our old photos and being so grateful for every moment we have had together. It's the end of a chapter in our life together which is sad but the start of something so wonderful.
I hope we can take baby girl back here one day and share with her all the fun this magnificent city has to offer as well as making new memories as a family.

Here are just a few snaps from our trip last year.

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