Wednesday, 4 November 2015

little things I took for granted - pre pregnancy

Apart from not wanting to get out of bed most days because our sweet little angel seems to think bed time is party time the physical act of getting out of bed is quite the effort. I feel like an upside-down turtle struggling to get back on it's feet. It doesn't help that I have about 60 pillows around me that I need to navigate through to get to the edge before rolling my way out. - oh the joys 
Baby Girl has nestled herself quite nicely on my bladder. She sits so low that any slight kick, twitch, hiccup means I'm running to the toilet or bracing myself on wetting myself in public. I'm told that this is a symptom that can continue after childbirth so I am really scared I will be doomed to adult diapers at 32 years old. Let's just say pelvic floor exercises are somewhat religious these days.
Yep just breathing... Apparently this is a normal symptom of pregnancy due to everything being squished upwards. But man some days I wish I could get from one room to the next without sounding like I just ran a marathon.
Steve and I would go on walks almost daily if weather permits for years. I love it because we get to chat or in my case vent about our day, decide what we will have for dinner, get some much needed fresh air and vitamin D along the beach or river bank. These days I'm lucky if I can make to the end of our driveway or a lap around the grocery store without needing a nap. I'm not the tallest of people  if you haven't noticed and the few extra kg's has really played havoc on my joints and legs. 
I can't wait to be able to walk not waddle again but more excited take our little girl on our family walks.
My boobs are out of control. I mean I thought I had big boobs for my size before but these are now out of this world. I'm guessing they weigh over 5kg's each and push down on my belly so bad that I can barely stand wearing bras, well bra there is only 1 that I have found in my size. It's always nice when you go into a speciality maternity store and they say to you ... "oooohhh we don't go that big, and your only going to get bigger when the baby comes".... Yeah thanks for that.
I will NEVER, EVER complain about my non pregnancy boobs again.  - Promise!
(P.S: If anyone out there knows of good maternity bras in size ENORMOUS I'd love to hear)

I'm sure there are a few more that are just not coming to me right now but life has definitely changed these past 6 months not just for me but Steve too. Now that we move into our last trimester SHIT IS GETTING REAL! The nerves are really starting to set in just thinking that this wiggling thing inside my belly is going to come out of ME! So I guess I have 12 weeks to freak out about that :(

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