Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Currently Craving - Soul Press

This has been my LOVE throughout pregnancy.
As annoying as it is to find parking and now 7 months pregnant to waddle over to the Edithvale Soul Press it's really worth the hassle/exercise. (because any kind of walking is classified as exercise at this stage for me. 
I wandered in here a few months ago thinking it was a yogurt shop. With a massive yogurt craving at the start of my second trimester I was pretty focused on getting it in my belly and not in the details like the dead giveaway of the name that it was not a yogurt shop... I quickly realised that nothing on the menu sounded like yogurt and was so bitterly disappointed for about 20min until I got my order... 

 Soul Press have some delicious snacks:
Pressed Juices, Salads, Smoothies even organic fake tan I noticed today but my absolute FAVOURITE is the Acai Bowls.
I don't know about other expectant mums but my thing throughout pregnancy has been cold foods and chocolate (cold temporarily calms my killer heartburn) and this bad boy up top covers both those cravings. "DEATH BY CACAO" trust me give it a go.

264 Nepean Hwy, Edithvale
624 Hampton Street, Brighton

{Not a sponsored post, this fatty just loves her death by cacao... trust me better than yogurt}

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