Monday, 5 October 2015

hello monday

Artwork by: Suki McMaster
Melbourne certainly went all out for our new Grand Final long weekend. Maybe it's going a little far today with an estimated 32 degree heatwave but who's complaining, this past winter was long, miserable and boring.

We enjoyed our first ever DRY Grand Final Day... It wasn't as bad as it sounds, Steve went fishing the day before and caught us a delicious Redfin feast and he so kindly sympathy didn't drink with me and I sympathy sat through some of the game with him. (I fell asleep a few times)

Made a few new friends online like the very talented Suki McMaster check out her website for some adorable prints and homewares. They have 2 new brand reps that I'm sure will be pumping out some very sweet decorating ideas over the next few months... I lucked out on the comp for baby girls room but Suki was so sweet to offer a select few of us a little conciliation prize :D I'm a little excited I never win anything. So thank you so much xox

We spent a lovely morning breakfasting/garden world-ing with the sis and brother-in-law to be. Us girls Garden World the boys ditched us for BCF next-door. Mel made some friends...

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