Sunday, 27 September 2015

why I can't be a food blogger

(image from: Design Love Fest)

I love food and I can't understand how food bloggers do it.
To begin with I'm super impatient when it comes to waiting for whatever I have ordered, I'm too excited. By the time it gets in front of me there is no fussing with food selfies I just dig in, well... more like inhale my food like it's my last meal... EVER!
I like my food HOT or ICY COLD (more so cold these days) and wasting time pulling out a phone for the perfectly angled shot is just not going to happen. 
Secondly we try not to have phones out when we go to dinner or breakfast/brunch/lunch, a habit we are trying to master before baby girl comes. There is nothing sadder than when I see a mum or dad spending "quality" time with their child and they have their noses buried in a smart phone.

Anyhoo - over the last few months we have been trying to get out for as many meals as husband and wife as we possibly can. We hear "OUR" time will become a distant memory very soon.

We moved back to our old family neighbourhood 2 years ago from St Kilda and thought our fine dining days to be over now in the burbs.... but we have been proved very wrong. 

Here are just a few little gems we found in the Bayside area:

574A Main Street Mordialloc
As much as I have been craving shellfish this whole pregnancy I was able to show some restraint and settle for some pregnancy approved/friendly fish and chips at Tommy Ruff. Amazingly fresh fish AND they do SWEET FRIES!!!!! GOOD ONES TOO!!!! Writing about it now is making me hungry and realising that it has been a few weeks since we have been... Hmmm, I'm thinking dinner tonight.

524 Nepean Hwy, Bonbeach
This place is divine we come here for breakfast lunch and dinner all menu's are amazing.
They have a little deli next door which I am dying to shop at (after baby girl arrives) for their selection of cheeses and cold meats... all looks so good. 
Try the Croque Madame for brunch it's my favourite and the coffee is delish. 
(yes I had a sneaky one)

298 Beach Rd, Black Rock
As a 1st generation Australian of Argentinean parents any time you walk into a Argentinean restaurant automatically your expectations are VERY high. True South didn't disappoint the only thing I would have to complain about is the portion sizes being very un-Argentinean. We didn't walk out of there hungry by any means but you do have to be prepared to order a few dishes. And be warned a serve of "EMPANADA" means just that 1 EMPANADA but it's a good one I could have eaten about 6. The meat was made to perfection I would of liked it a little more medium but again pregnancy restrictions hold me back. 
The best Argentinean BBQ I've had in Melbourne, outside from our home cooked BBQ's obviously. 

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