Tuesday, 22 September 2015

It's a girl ...

(Image found on Pinterest - please feel free to contact me for acknowledgement)

Steve and I are so excited to announce that it looks like we have a little lady on the way.

There are no words to the feeling you get when you know what's coming your way. All of a sudden from one moment to the next it becomes all so real. It was real before we knew it was a girl but referring the baby to an "IT" doesn't have a very loving emotional ring to it. 

Our very tiny but cute little She has now discovered her legs and is having a great time using them at all the wrong times - like when mummy is working, in a meeting or trying to sleep - oh and most definitely hates having ultrasounds. 

I just can't wait to meet her but at the same time want to just enjoy the last few months Steve and I have as the two of us. It's the end of an era but the beginning of something much bigger than the two of us.

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