Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Happy Pants...

After growing out of almost EVERYTHING I own now and hating on almost anything that comes under the "maternity" umbrella I reluctantly went into Ripe Maternity a few weeks back.

I was quite surprised and a little excited that they have opted to use J.Crew's version of maternity denim that I have been uuuummmming + aaaaaaaarrrrring on for weeks on getting. Jeans are my one item I can't live without and my growing ass has requested stretchy pants only. As much and hard as the lovely sales woman tried to convince me at the Fountain Gate store that I would need a second pair @ $119.95 I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. (I haven't bought jean's in Australia for over 10 years, they just never fit right. Devout American Eagle girl) But, along with these jeans delivering everything she said they would she was right I do need a second pair or maybe even a 3rd in fact. Summer is coming and luckily they have a second pair half price at the moment so gimme gimme those new season colours. 

This momma is feeling fat, gross and ugly and in need of some new happy pants.
                             *** This post is not sponsored by Ripe Maternity, I just have a genuine love for my pants*** 

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