Tuesday, 4 August 2015

i watch Rachael Ray on mute ...

Food aversions have been one of my biggest issues in my first trimester and all my Go-2 meals have been no go's and much to Steve's disappointment my energy level for cooking was zero.
The Food Network lately has become my new best friend. - Crime channel used to be my number 1 but with little ears growing in my belly I'm paranoid of grooming a serial killer... plus it was making me cry all the time. - Anyway.

I stumbled upon Rachael Ray's Week in a Day show (Johnny come lately I know) and I couldn't decide if I'm for or against Ray Ray... until I put her on mute. I realised it's her talking that irritated the crap out of me and was putting me off her food/show oh, and maybe the fact that she has no self control with onion and cilantro. Since my mute discovery I have learnt a few nifty tricks from her. She does have some fatty and often weird concoctions that I substitute with a healthier alternative or remove all together but all in all what we have tried has been a winner. We made Chorizo Chili Polenta variation the other night that was pretty good. Find her recipe here.

We cut onion, garlic, chili and ginger from our diet about 2 years ago for health reasons and have found that food tastes SO much better without it, this recipe is one of those (I did add a very mild chili though in this case) you can actually taste all the other ingredients. The downside is we have become super sensitive to onion and garlic and instantly know if we are at a good restaurant or not.

So... if Rachael Ray is also not your thing put her on mute and give it another chance haha.

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