Monday, 3 August 2015

a little bit of good news.

Well I guess it's about time I explain my absence from blogging lately...
Steve and I are so thrilled to announce that we are expanding our little family of 2.
It's been a rough few months to be honest. Everyone tells you how hard it is and I have always been quite resilient when it comes to being sick or under the weather but this.... this is something else.
I was a little cocky at the start thinking I had no morning sickness but as soon as I said it out loud it was like the universe opened up and said: OOOOHHHH REEEALLLLY NOW? 
I'm usually the one who gets sick pops a few codral night + day and keeps going. There is no codral for this. Nope. I refer to it as the never ending hangover.

I'm praying that it gets a little easier this second trimester - at least that's what everyone keeps telling me - and not looking forward to the all mighty third trimester when you are apparently so uncomfortable but can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and this will all be worth it. 

So here is to the next big adventure in our life together Stevie. You will be a wonderful father.
I love you.

Photography by : Jeph Chen

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