Thursday, 16 July 2015

It's people like this...

Sometimes I read blogs and I can't help but make this face.
I gave in and watched E's Fashion bloggers the other day and it just cemented the fact that most bloggers are a bunch of wankers.  I mean how deluded can some people be? 

I have had a few encounters with bloggers in the past that I thought I could collaborate with. I can say this with all honesty the response (if any) is usually less than the friendly, go-lucky, oh my life is so positive and perfect, love love love image they like to portray on their websites. I had one in particular send me her set of rules and conditions of working with her. All items to be chosen by blogger delivery at no cost to blogger, the items will not be returned and these are my fees (upfront). As rude as I thought it was I went against my better judgement and proceeded. When we showed what we wished to promote it was apparently not high end enough and she was no longer interested in working with us. When we offered a product that was still in the development process worth a few hundred dollars she was suddenly very keen to work with us again. We pulled the plug as this is not the type of person we want our brand associated with.

I like blogging, but I like blogging for me. I love going back and reminiscing over places we've been, the ups and downs of the business (yes even the downs) even if no one is listening. I have said this before I don't necessarily disagree with sponsored posts and they don't bother me as much on some blogs I read when it's something that they genuinely use and are somewhat relatable. Good on them if they can make some extra cash on the side but seriously.... Case in point the bimbos below, I can barely hear them talk. It's not a message I like, they are so materialistic and I don't envy them or their all white apartments and sheep fashion lifestyle. I feel kind of sorry for them and the ones that have young children that are passing this 'lot's of pretty things make us happy' mentality onto them is really sad.

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