Friday, 15 May 2015

Winter Wish List

I feel I have been in fashion awe for the vast majority of my life. I know AAAALLL the current trends, read all the fashion blogs BUT I'm always wishing I was thinner, taller, longer legs and thinner again to be able to wear some of the seasonal trends and never buy anything. Because of me being so self conscious and caring what people think I have worn jeans, t-shirts and thongs (flip flops for our American friends) for the vast majority of my life. This was rudely brought to my attention recently on my mass closet purge for the yard-sale we are planning in the next week or so... (it's been a can of worms)

I have gorgeous clothes still with tags on them, pieces I can't even remember buying and pieces I just simply never had the confidence to wear and never did. - So no more fashion envy or self doubt.. I want to get smarter with my purchases and finally find my own personal style because if not now then when? I am not getting any younger or thinner.

So here is to a fresh fashion start... Here are just a few items that I have my eye on this A/W season...

black leather jacket
 trench coat
slouchy knits

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