Monday, 18 May 2015

Currently Obsessed With: Makeup By Alli

So, along with my boring outfit that I've had on rotation for the past 15 years that I shared with you last week (see here) I have also been doing my makeup the same way for probably the same amount of time. My sister always has great flawless make-up and she has been telling me for years now to go on youtube for tutorials which I have never had the time for. - That's my problem I seem to never have "time" but I have recently started to realise albeit the hard way that it's just a cop out... 
I run around like a headless chook but never seem to get everything done. I'm slowly learning not to take on too much and to focus only on the things that make me happy.. My husband, family, health and happiness. And what is making me happy this second are these easy to follow tutorials for fun new ways to use all those pallets of eyeshadow that have been sitting in my bathroom for who knows how long. Do eyeshadow go off? 

Anyway this chick is awesome check out her channel she has heaps of great looks as well as skincare rituals. I love how she uses drugstore stuff as well as your Sephora + higher end cosmetics.

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