Tuesday, 19 May 2015


I have adored these creatures for as long as I can remember. I used to sketch them all over my school books at school and remember watching Free Willy as a kid and knowing even then that animals (not just the Killer Whales) in captivity is WRONG!

I have wanted to watch this documentary BLACKFISH for quite sometime but have not been able to find it in it's entirety here in Australia. Having a Seaworld that is probably one of the biggest money grabbing attractions we have on the Gold Coast is probably the reason why there has not been much talk about this doco. It popped up on my Netflix (side note Netflix I love you) and as heartbreaking as it was to watch it just really disturbs me at how money hungry assholes are stuffing up our planet and the lengths they go to to make a buck. I wish it was legal to chain each one of the assholes who run these organisations to a bathtub and leave them there for oh I don't know 25 years.

As much as I love these creatures I can gladly say that I have never been to a Seaworld nor will I ever take my children to one. I have trouble even going to the zoo to be honest and after watching this documentary I really think I may deprive my children of that too.

I wish every single person in the world watches this movie and really thinks twice about contributing to this horrible practise against marine life. Yes they are beautiful and magnificent but taking a photo with a dolphin is it worth it? Go on a charter boat and see them in their natural habitat from afar and leave them alone, wouldn't that be more magical...? I think so.

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