Saturday, 28 February 2015

who is SHE?

My sister showed me this video a few months back and it popped up again in my You Tube feed on one very emotional evening after work and it made me laugh again. I felt if you cracked my head open that day at work you would find this chick in there pacing back and forth yelling WHO IS SHE!

It's no secret that I hate working in retail but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
{as a freelance designer you don't have the luxury of knowing when your next job will come up}
I don't hate it for the usual reason people hate retail work (the odd obnoxious customers) I hate the power tripping bitches that manage retail stores and their uneducated lack of 
A. People skills & B. Fair Work Practises.

To sum up what could possibly turn into a massive rant like in the video above I received 4 written warnings in one day and then another 1 on my day off..... that's right an official written warning for something that happened in-store on my day off??? To top it off I was badgered and critiqued for everything that was wrong with the store and it's staff performance and threatened with more warnings if there is no improvement overall as a store. (mind you I am 1 of 4 other CASUAL staff members, not the store manager) I offered to look after the store when the old manager stepped down and after the most condescending conversation I have ever had with another staff member she informed me that I was under qualified for the position.... interesting when she hadn't even asked about my qualifications or read my resume.

So... the point of my story is... I have no idea... 
I still felt over a week later that I needed to get it off my chest... I want to know why people who essentially work their way up to a position of "power" (I use the term loosely in this woman's case) feel that they now have right to treat people like garbage. But not just in retail this happens in a lot of jobs. I hear stories all the time about horrible bosses, unfair pressure put on staff, crazy expectations and just plain awkward uncomfortable work environments. Why? What is wrong with people...
 That's why I love freelance work. Yeah I might get lonely at times and wish I had someone to bounce ideas off oh and bombard poor Steve with millions of questions before he gets 2 feet through the front door but hey no office politics and I can do my work and move on.

And now, to move on...

....stupid bitch! 

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