Wednesday, 7 January 2015

No more "TO DO" lists just "DONE LISTS"

Steve always shakes his head every time I utter the words "IT'S ON MY TO DO LIST" mainly because he knows that it means I either forgot to do it, I'm procrastinating about it or just flat out can't be bothered and will probably never get done. Over the break he said how about you have a resolution of a "DONE LIST" this year? - I loved it,  it was the words I needed to hear out loud.

So one of my new years resolutions is to got through a daily to do list as opposed to continually adding and adding to my a never ending/unrealistic list. Another resolution this year is to ask for help when I need it. I tend to have this overwhelming & stubborn need do do everything by-myself that it ends up making me chase my tail and only get half of my jobs done and then stressing and dwelling on what I didn't do than enjoy the great work I did do.

I think I felt this bad habit of mine the most last year when it came to the wedding. I didn't enjoy the lead up time as much as I probably should have (don't get me wrong I had a ball planning and felt a great sense of accomplishment on the day) due to always thinking/stressing about what the next task or job was and not having enough time to do it myself as opposed to enjoying the present moment. Same thing happened on our honeymoon I found myself at times thinking about all the work I had waiting for me at home.... and what for??? to get home and find out that all my months of hard work had been messed up by a lying, incompetent manufacturer. I let that little negative then spiral me into a negative pit of....well pity!

SO NO MORE! I am going to get some more help as well as learning how to use little word I'm afraid of saying "NO". I have to stop taking on more work than there are hours in a day.

To a more positive 2015, enjoying each day as it comes and to getting shit done.
7 days in and so far so good.

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