Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bitchy Resting Face

{I am a sufferer} 

I wear many hats and part time shop assistant to fill my non three sparrows and freelance work days is one of them. In all the jobs I have had over the years I would always encounter the odd sneaky brown noser or the douche bag that thinks you want their job because you put forward new ideas...
{this is why I like working for myself in design}

Today I had a moment with a new member of management in this store I work in and you know that feeling....when you meet someone for the first time and you just dislike them? You can't believe the way they are talking to you and you stop hearing the words and all you can think of is.... do I walk out? should I spit in her eye? What happened to your eyebrows? should I pull her up on her attitude? oooooor oh wait it's been 5 mins aaaand I'm pretty sure I've had Christina's face up there this whole time.... Yeah, well I got that today. Needless to say I think we got off on the wrong foot mainly due to my "condition" and the fact that no "manager" with overdrawn eyebrows is going to disrespect me, talk down to me or "accidentally" hurl a cardboard box at me... yes that happened. I was told by another employee "don't get on her bad side she can be a real bitch" 

Challenge accepted.

I don't care who she is I will not be disrespected and talked down to like a 5 year old because I work in retail. I think retail is great and I hate the negative wrap it gets for not being a "REAL" job. I love interacting with customers and other employees in the shop -{lovely girls even though sometimes I feel like their mum I'm so much older than them} - I have met some of the most interesting and wonderful people working in retail and I hope that one day I can open my own store. I do this as a fixed income every week that I can rely on because freelance can be up and down, not to be abused by some bitch on a power trip.

I walked out of work today in a huff but after my rant to Steve, on here and a beer I feel better.
So, Rant over... for now I'm still contemplating taking the box incident further.
Christmas Party should be a blast :p

On a lighter note tomorrow I will share more pics from our wedding. have you checked out Part One?

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