Thursday, 16 October 2014

Is it Just Me?

Does the image above annoy other people?
Who are the owners of these bags? I have never met a woman with a handbag like this. 
And P.S none of those beauty products even look used???
It annoys me when some of my fav bloggers go down this path. I don't get it? Who cares what's in your bag? Mine is usually full of junk and I can neeeeever find my keys. Steve has tried many ways to solve this problem but nope ... it's the Bermuda triangle of keys and phone. And I don't have kids.
I would like to share what's in my bag haha.. Sorry guys no Prada perfume in here. Oh which brings me to who carries 2 bottles of perfume with them everyday???? Actually... mine could probably use a spritz of something as it still smells of beer after one tipped all over it on our trip. Meh!
Rant Over!

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