Wednesday, 6 August 2014

my beautiful CARLA ZAMPATTI wedding gown

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the lovely ladies at Carla Zampatti Chadstone for making my wedding dress shopping experience so special and stress free. After months of unsuccessful trips to snobby bridal boutiques pushing any old bling bling dress in my face, giving me attitude when I didn't hand over 10k in a heartbeat and killing my self esteem. It was so lovely to walk into your store  and receive nothing but friendly conversation about our love story and my big day.

The lovely Tania picked up right away what kind of bride I wanted to be and offered some great advice and tricks to making the dress my own. My dress at the time was only available in black and there was no guarantee if it would even be available before our big day. Tania went above and beyond to get me the dress on time, keeping me posted every few days and was lovely enough to give it one last steam the night before. I would love to say that it's great customer service but I think that apart from it being her job {and she is brilliant at it} she is just a beautiful, friendly and kind hearted person. When we walked out of the store my sister said "oh, she is so nice.. I feel so excited and I'm not the one getting married" I think we need more women like Tania in this world.

So, once again {and I quote Tania} THANK YOU, DAARLINGS for my beautiful dress and for making me feel so excited/special not only on my wedding day but in the weeks leading up to it.

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