Friday, 29 August 2014

Jet-lag and hunger pains!

Oh hello there!
We have been back from our honeymoon for just over 24 hours and I think I may have left my brain in LA. Steve has just gone fishing to get some fresh air/dinner (fingers crossed) and I'm just wandering around the house aimlessly. (I think I'm sleep-blogging right now)

As beautiful as our trip was it's so good to be home again. I'm already missing all the big delicious meals we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner (Bubby's I'm talking about you). 
But there is nothing like that first big sleep in your own bed after weeks of tiny hotel rooms. 
Waking up at 3am though... not so fun. So I can't wait for it to get dark tonight so I can crash, crash, crash.  

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