Monday, 28 April 2014

I'm no Dr Seuss, but here goes.....

To our beautiful goddaughter Ivy,
I can't believe how quickly this number has come round
It feels like just yesterday that we were hospital bound
To meet a young lady who was in a wee bit of a hurry
You really put auntie and uncle in a bit of a flurry.

I jumped out of bed giving Uncle a fright and yelled 
"She's arrived" 
and took off to get ready,  I was faster than light.

I charged into Fast Eddies not a second past 8
and I said 
"I'll have EVERY pink balloon but I'm in a hurry so please... I really can't wait"
As Eddie filled the ceiling with bubbles of pink 
I tried to imagine what you'd look like, I really couldn't think.

So off we went and down the Monash we flew
The longest trip ever which made us quite blue
But we finally arrived with stares a plenty
Because auntie looked quite crazy with all those balloons.... 
There must have been twenty!

We eagerly asked the lady at the desk
"Is there a little Ivy here?"
And of course she said YES!

With papa by her side mummy held you so sweetly  
We tried really hard to pop our heads in discreetly
the balloons swiftly followed... quite loudly and not very neatly

But calm you stayed no if's or but's 
It was like you already knew...
 Aunty's a really big klutz 

And so we all met for the very first time
And we vowed from that day forward to be your partners in crime

So to many more birthdays and holidays with cheer
Because in 17 years you'll be a young lady and we...?
Well, we will be ever so uncool and maybe even a little bit grey
But know that we will love you just as much as that very first day 

Happy first birthday sweet girl and never stop smiling that beautiful smile.

Love, Auntie and Uncle
(Who are already quite possibly 80% uncooler from all this rhyming)

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