Wednesday, 5 March 2014

#supermom Bethenny Frankel

I have been following Bethenny from back in her 'housewives' days. I'm not sure what it was about her back then that I liked but as time has gone by the more I watch her the more I aspire to be like  her.
Last year I watched Bethenny's 'E THS' and apart from rocking an awesome figure and raking in the cash I loved her pure determination to succeed no matter what roadblocks life threw at her.

Yesterday, while watching her talk show she had a little bit of a moment while interviewing her guests Mary Mary. She felt guilty about saying that the past year was one of the worst years of her life yet she feels guilty in saying so because at the same time she has been blessed with SO much success. 

Like Bethenny I don't know what it was about the past year but for me it was also one of the shittiest years EVER! but also full of so many joys that I feel horrible saying it was so terrible. 
I was feeling down before watching the show due to attending a business seminar over the weekend. It left me with a real sour taste in my mouth, angry, annoyed and pretty much feel like I have no chance in succeeding in business because I was not willing to part with 5.5 thousand dollars....

Her little moment was just what I needed to put things back in perspective - sometimes you get so caught up in the shit and what people say or think of you that you forget what you already know - that no matter how things appear on the outside not everything/everyone is always roses on the inside. No matter if your rich, poor or someplace in-between life + people can and will be shit so you may as well brush it off and keep smiling. And even with a smile half as big as Bethenny's I think I might still have a chance... #comefromaplaceofYEStoday #threesparrows 

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