Sunday, 9 February 2014

Australia... the lucky country? hell yes!

As I sit in my dining room (melting) on yet another million degree Melbourne day waiting for this "cool change" to come through I happened to come across this article!

My post today was going to be about how much I hate Summer. Not necessarily Australian summer but the heat in general. You can't sleep or cook without loosing 90% of your body weight in sweat, you can't go outside because if the sun doesn't kill you the dam flies will maul any opening on your face. BUT, this article just straight up pissed me off, I think I'm more annoyed at this person than all those things above.

I know everyone is patriotic about ones country and they choose to never see any of it's flaws but seriously? this guy? this article? I'm just glad he (I assume its a he) has gone back to whatever "perfect" little hole he came out of.... just a snippet for you...

Australia has Absolutlely nothing to see apart from beaches and bushes .oh yes and lets not forget the stupid ayers rock and "Larry the Lobster sculpture in south Australia " and beaches ?? seriously ? I dont need to travel to the end of the Earth to see a beach or trees if there is nothing to learn about while im there or no culture to enjoy.

I don't understand? If he hated it so much here why did he stay for so many YEARS???  He also goes on to state that we work ourselves TO DEATH! but how annoying it is that the country closes down at 5.30pm???

I have travelled and lived overseas for a lot of my life. I have witnessed some pretty horrid conditions and at the same time I have been to some of the most beautiful parts of the world (sometimes both within the same country). I can't say that I would necessarily live in these marvellous places but it all comes down to what you are used to, how you are raised and what makes you comfortable. This person was obviously so VERY homesick... but mate, don't slag off a whole country and it's people on the Internet just because you missed your mummy.

When I lived in South America I felt the same towards the end, hated EVERYTHING! Ironically what I felt was pretty much the opposite of what this guy felt here in Oz. - Everyone in the neighbourhood knowing your business was a big issue for me at the time. The fruit and veg guy at the Bodega around the corner knew I was coming home hours after I bought my one way ticket home?? Looking back as much as I missed my life here I would never say it was a waste of time/money or that I hate everyone I came across and for people not to go. Yes, I got robbed few times, got stuck between a gang of youths stoning each other on my way home from work etc but the things I remember most are the amazing friends I made, learning and seeing amazing and crazy weird things, becoming a bit more street savvy and most importantly appreciating what a great and lucky life I have here. Isn't that what travelling is all about?

Yes, like any country Australia has it's good and bad points we could all be a little kinder to our neighbours and possibly binge drink a little less but overall I think we're ok. I can imagine this person having a very arrogant personality and with every new person he/she met made these "thoughts/opinions" known. I don't care what country your in mate but if you tell someone their country is a "shit hole" when your living and working in said "shit hole" your asking for a fight.

This person needs to take a step back and put aside all that negativity, then maybe he/she would realise that they actually DID learn and take something from their experience here in Australia... Oh and you need to stop watching A Current Affair stories as it seems to be the source of all your research.

Not everything is for everyone. And that's ok... It's what makes us individuals.

I'm Australian and I.... have the odd drink, have never been to Bali, never smuggled drugs into a foreign country, have Indian neighbours who are a nightmare and can say that I have never done burnouts on their front lawn, thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Gold Coast, Schapell Corby is not my sister, I'm not offended if a complete stranger has had more beers than me at the pub,  have caught public transport after 9pm and was neither bashed/rapped or murdered, I have also had people give up a seat for me on PT, do not dress like a homeless person, have seen many kangaroos + koalas, have dark hair/eyes (no freckles) and have never been called a wog, enjoy good food at a normal eating pace, THINK IT'S A MARVELLOUS PLACE TO LIVE!



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