Monday, 13 January 2014

We bought a zoo...

No not really just a house officially over the weekend...
(that movie was pretty great though)

We are so excited to finally be moving into something that is all our own... FRESH START!
Although we are going to miss the beautiful neighbourhood with so many memories we are definitely not going to miss our paper thin walled building. Our listening to people on the toilet days are OVER!

St Kilda is where we met, moved in together and got engaged. We have had some very happy, funny, sad and flat out weird moments here - watching our neighbour plant 50 potatoes on the strip of grass outside our window is up there on the weird scale. We will miss the crazy characters who give us endless entertainment when out for dinner on Fitzroy street and all those amazing hidden coffee shops in the back streets of Middle Park and Port Melbourne. And even though we are not moving far away from the beach (we are actually moving closer to the water) there is nothing like the beautiful walk along the St Kilda foreshore after a long day at work especially in the Winter.

But all that aside we are so excited for the future and making some more beautiful memories in this new place. It needs a little bit of work to make it home but I guess that's the fun part... Luckily I have my in-house paint expert Stevie with more Dulux colour swatches than I know what to do with. I have a feeling we will be painting for a very long time... I can't seem to make up my mind on what theme I want the house to go in? It's still early days. 

So here is to a MASSIVE 2014 and to my future husband! xox 

House, Business, Wedding, Honeymoon.... we're crazy

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