Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I Just don't think they're getting it???

If you follow us on Instagram, Facey or Twitter you would have heard ALLLLLL about our launch of our kickstarted... (YES, I have been slack with the blog.... NO, I'm not apologising because frankly I'm kinda busy!) anyhooooo, I think everyone is getting distracted by the VEEEEERRRRYYY cute kiddos and not really understanding how @Kickstarter really works.... So here is a very quick breakdown of what we need you to do.

Come on guys help us reach our target goal... We have some great deals up for grabs that would make amazing gifts or to keep all for yourself. All our Clothing of course is made from the beautiful Peruvian Pima Cotton one of the worlds finest cotton.

Tell your FAMILY, tell your FRIENDS, tell your WORK MATES....

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