Wednesday, 4 September 2013

somebody PLEASE explain???

{You WILL make Flower Crowns, and you WILL love them..... OR ELSE!}
I need an explanation on how this is acceptable for anyone over the age of 13? (or possibly wearing a wedding dress - it's the only way I can accept it.) Or even why there is a need for a whole workshop dedicated to flower crown making??? I have seen this Flower Crown "trend" on so many blog's it's not funny. Does anyone actually wear these out in public on a day to day basis?  I live in Melbourne so I don't know about the U.S but fresh flowers are not cheap... especially fancy ones. I would much rather enjoy them in some water on my mantle than wilting on my head. But hey, that's just me. I love crafty projects but I love flowers more, what a waste.

I have even seen the artificial flower crowns sold at some stores yet NEVER seen anyone out on the street wearing one. Sometimes I just think.... maybe I am getting old? but then I see these photos and see grown woman, mothers, some even older than me doing it... and I get confused.

Who knows, maybe I have a deep down resentment that I don't have the time to sit down and fiddle with "flower crowns" ... but maybe, then again, NO!


  1. Making flower crowns is a tradition all over the world for men and women of all ages :) Think of them as indulging in tradition <3

  2. that I can accept as a nice reason to make flower crowns although I would still personally prefer them in a pretty vase. Thank you for visiting the blog, I love hearing your views xox


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