Tuesday, 30 July 2013

the ocean....

I have been really getting into Martha Stewart lately.
(Johnny come lately to the sensation that is Martha... I know, I know

But an episode that really struck a cord with me was one about overfishing seafood the other week. Steve and I love our seafood and we tend to usually always get the same thing every week sometimes even twice a week if he's lucky and I can be bothered heading to busy South Melbourne Market.
I never really thought about the impact of such a simple meal like salmon over and over can have.
I mean I guess deep down you do know because it's common sense.
So when doing some research on what other fish to have and how to mix it up and not leave such an over sized footprint on the world I found this little video.

Living in Australia and the ocean being 99.9% of our life it was quite sad and scary to see these stats.
I don't want to eat Jelly Fish.

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