Monday, 1 July 2013

bonLOOK at my new glasses!

So, my new glasses have finally arrived and I'm a little in love with them... and yes that's gum in my mouth.
I was a little nervous ordering them online and all the way from the US without trying them on - well physically trying them on, I did use BonLook's Virtual Stylist and it was pretty spot on. I kept putting off and chicken-ing out. I know times are tough out here in the retail industry with all the online bargains you can pick up these days and I am all for trying to buy Aussie and supporting the withering retailers but 200 bucks for a flimsy bit of plastic PLUS the lenses??? Really? Just because Colette Dinnigan signed her name on them? I don't think so....

Having worked in product development has also not helped me knowing how much things cost to make and the mark ups they have. I'm a very fussy shopper. If I need/want something I set a price in my head of what I think it should retail at and I will usually not go above that price. You will not find many "Brands" in my closet { unless it was on sale and meets ARRP - Ana's Recommended Retail Price - or well made. } Don't get me wrong I LOVE my labels and designers and happily pay good money for quality but as soon as I see the words Polyester, Acrylic, Viscose and Made in China with the an extravagant price tag attached.... you've lost me.

But I am getting off track... So yes my glasses arrived in 10 days of placing the order as promised and they look just like they did on the stylist. OH! and only $99.00. So I am one happy customer. I also received a voucher to use on my next purchase that I think I will spend on some sunnies... Now it's just a mater of deciding what pair... the only negative thing I have to say about BonLook is that they have WAAAAAY too many nice frames and they don't make it easy to choose just one pair.

Check out the website here BONLOOK! Here are some of the sunnies I am looking at getting for this Spring. (Because we have to plan ahead)

The pair I got are HONEYBADGER in Chocolate Tortoise.
thanks bonlook

*** This post is not sponsored by BonLook ***

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