Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Homie Hopper #CandidlyNicole ... #YES

Sometimes when sitting on a tram or driving through Fitzroy Street, St Kilda on a Friday night or even while shopping at the mall I like to observe the new wave of Gen Y-ers. Mainly trying to make sense of whatever they're talking about and how are they not freezing cold in those Bando's and short shorts in winter. I'm an '83 baby and from my very reliable google search I would like to believe that I just make the cut off as a Gen X. I find them very entertaining, kind of like watching an episode of the Hills in live action - they probably think I'm some weirdo/creep listening into their teen dramas.

I have been addicted to these weekly little webisodes of  #CandidlyNicole. { I'm a big Nicole fan going back to the Simple Life days } This episode made me laugh as it's pretty much how vague I am when my sisters or younger friends try to explain things to me... Unfortunately for me I'm not as cool as Nicole and just sound ridiculous if I try and say things like: "O.M.G", "Totes" and just recently discovered "Awks"... and I would most probably get a head shake from Steve saying please don't say that :p

So here are some new terms you may not know to be down with the kids... 
Happy Hump Day 
no? ok....

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