Monday, 24 June 2013

Go the F*%K to sleep!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

I have quite a few NEW MOMMY friends in my life, (all born pretty much days apart) unfortunately I am not much help to them and not being a mother myself I have no good tips to share. All I can do is give their arms a beak from rocking and making them cups of tea when I come over to visit.

With all these little bubs being born so close I hear the same questions being asked by my friends about sleeping, eating, pooping etc. Sleep being the primary concern. Are they getting enough or too much...?  I think all my girlfriends are FANTASTIC mothers and even though they all have very different ways to be 'mommy' to these little ones they have one thing in common... They all have some of the happiest, well behaved babies I have ever met.

Maybe this bed time story from Noni Hazlehurst helps tonight my friends....

Any tips you have to share about getting your little one to sleep? I would love to hear them and pass on to my friends. Leave your tips in the comments below.


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