Saturday, 29 June 2013

COLIN BULLOK - an amazing find....

A few weekends ago { well, more than a few } on a very busy Saturday of making stock deliveries to our favourite little nook at South Melbourne Market I stumbled across Colin Bullock and his team.
As busy and time poor as I was I had to stop because it was just so lovely { and kind of random for SMM. }

I ended up going back to buy a CD off them and having a little chat. It has taken me so long to blog about them because I haven't taken the CD out of the car since and EVERY time I start the car up I'm like - 'I HAVE GOT TO SHARE THIS!' Unfortunately, I have taken so long that they have finished the Australian tour and headed back to beautiful Canada. Sorry guys, my bad...

So check him out
  >here online< 
you can buy the album featured up top and few others that I have now discovered and adding to my playlist.

{ Excuse my crappy excuse of a video by the way. I was standing miles away on an iPhone - The one time I don't have my camera... typical! Below is a much nicer rendition off their website }

Hope you had a great time here in Melbs and look forward to seeing you back again.

*** This post is not sponsored by Colin Bullok ***

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