Wednesday, 17 April 2013


^^^ Sometimes I wish I looked like this when I am upset... ^^^
^^^ Or even like this will do ^^^

But you know what? This isn't BBV or "HEY! MY LIFE IS PERFECT, LOOK AT ME I'M A BLOGGER" kind of a place. 
And, so, when I'm upset it usually looks A LOT like this! 
aaand today was one of those days. Everything and pretty much everyone pissed me off today.
{ Except for Stevie boy. He just got home with lot's of chocolates by the way... I love you so. }
Anyway, so from receiving attitude from useless recruiting agencies - NOW can someone please explain to me what their job description is because it seems to me that it's a pretty easy and laid back job?? - seriously considering applying for a job at one. My so called 'family'. Having a tradesman find termite damage while trying repair the broken window (it's still not fixed) My super annoying neighbours who still leave that poor crying baby in the corridor unattended, managers at my casual job and finally people who make promises they have no intentions of keeping. 
I was in such a mood earlier that I was close to naming who these time wasters are but I have now moved onto the next stage of my moody crappy day and....  
yep... I'm going to go sit on the couch with my love, stuff my face with all my new chocolates and see what alcoholic beverages I can find in my kitchen. - I will save the Swifty for when he's at work tomorrow.

Good Night!

PS: Zooey Deschanel is amazing and I want her bangs. Pics and gifs from Google Images.

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