Tuesday, 23 April 2013

the war between Myer + David Jones over Kymmy

I don't know all the details of the case. Did she or did she not breach her contract with Myer but to me this is besides the point. Her attitude and her immature comments to news reporters as she exits the courts make me see red. Stating something along the lines of "I'm wearing all Ellery latest collection which you can find in store at David Jones" That's just plain immature and rude. It is so hard to break into the market especially the only 2 top-end department stores in Australia { Trust me I have been trying for ages } and she pretty much spits on it.

I have read that she is 29 { my age } but from the looks and sounds of her on the news she acts about 15. Some of the information that has been shared is that Myer had no minimum order and that the lack of orders was forcing her into ruin. I am sorry but placing minimums is one of the first things you discuss with a client isn't it? Not delivering product and going straight to your clients competitor behind their back? I mean how dumb can you be. Does this girl not have anyone to say... um, hey can you have look at this contract for me? I am not quite sure... As a designer I am not one for the legal mumbo jumbo but I NEVER go into anything without it all being read over by a professional. I also don't think she has ever heard the saying - you don't bite the hand that feeds you?

Business is tough, trust me I know this too and good on her for everything she has accomplished so far. She is a super talented designer BUT, it's still annoying and it looks like she may get away with it. She is defiantly getting her 15 min of fame and as they say, any publicity is good publicity I guess. I do wish someone would slap that stupid grin off her face on the news though.

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