Saturday, 27 April 2013

our first footy date for the season...

We are going on our first footy date for the season. As we are all aware I am NOT the biggest football fan in the world. (I'm really not a sports fan in general) BUT I do enjoy going to the football with Stevie boy, mainly because I get to eat pies, hot chips and drink beer for 2 hours.

I'm getting better at the football thing I think. I don't ask as many stupid questions as I used to, (Steve is quite relieved about that) I even know some of the players names and crazy enough some of the rules. :o

I'm not sure if any of you tag along to your loves sports games (that you have completely no idea what's going on) but if you do you may be familiar with the sideways 'you did not just ask me  that glare'.. Or even talking and talking just to realise they have been tuning you out for the last

20min...? Yeah I got that a lot. So I though I would share a few of those dumb questions I had:

ME: What do the numbers on the roof mean?
STEVE: What numbers?
ME: Those ones way over there...
STEVE: Why are you looking at the roof the game is down there, on the ground?

STEVE: What are you looking at?
ME: There is someone walking along that railing over there.

ME: Is it compulsory to slap each others asses?
STEVE: .......... 

ME: Why are those people waving those pom poms and flags when the North player is trying to kick a goal? Isn't that distracting?
STEVE: That's the opposition and pretty much the point. They don't want us to get a goal.
ME: Ooooooh. That is so rude.  

aaaand just this second....
ME: What are some more of the dumb questions I have asked you at the football?
STEVE: There has been so many I can't remember now.

So yeah, they are only a few of maaaany questions. I'm kind of excited to go to my first game tomorrow and kind of looking forward to see Majak Daw in action (if he plays) as I have been hearing soooo much about him over the past year or so. They better win because if they don't I usually get banned for bringing bad juju.  


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