Tuesday, 2 April 2013

oh hello....yes i'm still alive!

A belated Happy Easter everyone.

I am fresh off a work { slash } stress ban weekend from the other half today, so a million emails and odd jobs here and there later I have gotten to the blog.

I must admit I have been in a little bit of an inspiration funk lately. I have actually been in a bit of a black hole about a few things in life lately. Looking for full time work again is the absolute pits. It has been a while since I have had to look for full time work but I have a theory that there are 10,000 graphic designers for every one design job advertised in Melbourne. I am so totally over it and oh yeah over recruitment agencies. WHY in god's name do companies in need of designers employ these numbskull's who know ZERO about design. The questions they ask in interviews have nothing to do with design, one interviewer talked about himself and his fiancé for a good 20 min before asking me any questions... so yeah... times are tough but let's move on.

So as this post has taken me nearly 2 hours to compose due to my procrastinating on Pinterest I think I might change it's negative direction with some beautiful imagery and lighten this mood. { and mine }

to waking up on the right side of the bed tomorrow
 ^^ always stunning! ^^
 ^^ like I tell you everyday Rey ^^
{ amazing cushion that I must own by - CAITLIN PARKER }
 ^^ My new Fav Blog - I wish I could raid her closet ^^
^^ I think a GWTW marathon is in order, it always seems makes me forget my worries. 
I'm tipping it has something to do with how long it is ^^
 ^^ My obsession with doorways continues ^^

{ All images found on my fav pastime - Pinterest. If you have any pic credits please do forward them on to me }

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