Tuesday, 16 April 2013

oh and one more thing - WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

I wish someone could explain to me HOW and WHY people can be just plain SHIT!
yes SHIT!
I have no words for what happened in Boston today but it really does make you question - 
is this the kind of world we want our children to grow up in? or 
what makes a person think it's ok to use violence to make a point or settle a score? 

I am so disgusted by the visions I am seeing on my TV screen that I have switched it off and am sitting in the dark. I can't watch especially after hearing the last mile of the race was dedicated to Sandy Hook AND that some of the families only sat meters away from the blasts. I mean come on? Have these people not suffered enough? It's too too sad.

Our heart goes out to everyone affected in the Boston Bombings today.
Much Love.

{ Pic Credit - Google Images }


  1. I literally cried my eyes out yesterday! I have an 8 year old and just knowing that someone lost their 8 year old so tragically was heartbreaking. I prays very hard for peace among all of those who had to experience first hand the events of yesterday!

  2. It is devastating. I have been seeing photos of him all day holding that PEACE drawing. It breaks my heart. Hold your little one tight tonight. We send a big big hug and prayer to all those affected. xox


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