Thursday, 18 April 2013

New Qantas Uniforms & Miranda Kerr

Any thoughts on the new Qantas uniforms unveiled on Tuesday?
I like the dress, it seems a lot more flattering than what they used to wear. But the trench coat & the hat? It makes them look like a private eye?? I mean Miranda looks amazing in it but she could wear a paper bag and look amazing in IT too....

Ok, so it looks nice on the catwalk and on a super hot model like Miranda Kerr but is it practical? Coming from experience of travelling around the U.S with my favourite hat that I got in LA { yeah that one there ----> } it is so annoying. You don't want to put it in your bag because it will get squished so you either have to hold it or wear it. PLUS they have to carry that massive trench around too. Do flight attendants have time for this? Or space to hang it on board? Don't know how cute it would look when they pull it out of those tiny suitcases they cart around all crinkled. After all my hat carrying and 20 million hours of flying later I left my hat in the last cab ride we took home due to loosing my brain from exhaustion. I was devastated. I'm still devastated now re-living it...
I have noticed that designers have been doing this hat thing a bit these days, remember the GP grid girls in this post here? Maybe they think that slapping a hat on an outfit gives it a vintage touch? or maybe they are channelling an inner Sherlock Holmes? Who knows.. I say K.I.S.S! the scarf was probably enough.

Anyway, I do like the dress, not sure what the fuchsia represents but its classy and I always love black. I also like how the catwalk looked like an airport runway.
What are your thoughts? LOVE it or HATE it?

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