Wednesday, 6 March 2013

love taza or love, taza???

I am feeling kinda sad and a little disappointed with what used to be one of my most favourite blogs... Love Taza - formally known as The Rockstar Diaries. I hate to speak badly of fellow bloggers especially such an accomplished one like Naomi.

but, since the new wiz-bang upgrade to her page I feel it has lost all it's humble appeal. I get the impression that she feels forced to write, become very commercial with the amount of sponsored posts and frankly has gotten a little big for her boots.
Snobby tweets and deleting negative feedback are just a few of the things people are commenting about on forums and other blogs.

Don't get me wrong I am not against sponsored posts - if they sound genuine - and this is not a blogger envy bash, on the contrary I am just wanting the old Rockstar Diaries back. I know she is a mother of 2 very sweet bubs and can imagine she has a whole lot on her plate but if your heart is not in it maybe don't go on?? I used to love her food & restaurant posts {Steve and I used them as our personal guide to New York City while in town, her tips never failed } and stories about their little family day trips and day to day fun as a mum. Plus you can't deny those photos of her Little's they make your heart smile.

But yeah it's sad, who knows maybe it's just me and my mentality towards blogging. { I have zero idea if anyone is actually interested in what I'm babbling on about, but I do :p } I have seen all this before and come across a few of these people in my years in the industry... Well more than quite a few, and it's interesting to watch it unfold. They are usually clever and so very talented but a few people tell them how great they are and bam they are off the planet on a power trip but unfortunately the fall from space can be quite hard to handle. I do hope this does not happen to Naomi and I wish her all the best. but yeah, I will probably no longer be following Love Taza for a while and maybe suggest that she listens to her readers feedback Good and Bad. I mean they are the ones that can make or break you.

And to anyone who reads my blog... I love you! and if you hate me & this blog... I still love you for giving it a go!


***Pic credit from the Love Taza website***


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