Monday, 18 March 2013

just a night in at the ROXBURY!

We spent a quiet weekend in. It was lovely, raining and cooler than the past few weeks thank goodness. The majority of it was on the couch watching Sport, { Steve not me } planing what our next move will be for the upcoming months and me on the living room floor getting creative and sewing meters of lace bunting for my best friends party next weekend.

Then this CLASSIC came on TV and I still can't get the songs outta my head. So I thought I would share the love... I am sitting here imagining all our lovely readers bopping their heads to the side in front of their computers this Monday morning and it's making me smile....

It's a brand new week! TURN IT UP be happy, smile and P.S: I know you know all the words to BE MY LOVER.... enjoy.

i love sundays!

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