Friday, 1 March 2013

If you don't like how things are, change it!


"Little" may be an understatement. I always have a little diary in my handbag but I usually only use it if my phone is out of battery and can't get to my iCal or I need to take notes and I can't find paper.

This little gem has space for everything. And I love love love the dedicated space at the front to place your goals for the year. It saved me... It somehow becomes more real and achievable when you have it right there in front of you everyday to look at. I have kind of run out of goal pages though { 10 is not enough for this Sparrow }

I got mine on sale online so double bonus, not sure if they are still on sale but worth checking it out.
A week or 2 ago I posted here that I was starting a new job... well.... ummm...yeaaaah... that didn't work out! I was trying very hard to suck it up and not be a princess and give this job a real go. I won't go into specifics about what went on but there was a funny feeling from the get go with vague, constant change & blurry explanations as to what my actual role, salary and place in the business was. Just an all round NQR place. 

Aaaaanyway, long story short I am no longer at that job and it was during these strange days that I was filling in my new Migoals diary with goals for the year. I came up to the little quote above and that was my AAAHAAAA moment I needed. 

If you don't like how things are, change it! You're NOT a tree.

I am 29 years old I have years of experience and talent. - You will NOT take advantage of me like a student fresh out of college because I look 15, short, friendly and basically a GIRL! I have no time for that and I basically do not want to resent going to work everyday - I resigned. I am back looking for work and it's the Pitt's but I suppose that's the way it goes... Silver lining I still have Three Sparrows to keep me busy while I look and that I LOVE! 

So that's my little unintentional vent for a Friday but I would like to say get inspired people! Follow your instinct and write down your dreams and goals... it helps! OH! and if by any chance you need a super talented designer { ME } I am available! :D

This isn't a sponsored post, just me rambling on about a diary and my daily annoyances ...

thanks migoals

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