Wednesday, 20 March 2013

crying baby....

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I read an interesting article today: A crying baby activates a primitive part of the brain and that has prompted me to write this post.
So, we don't have kids quite yet. BUT we do have a crying baby. She was born around October last year and she lives next door. At least we think it's a she, we hardly ever see her but she has an endless amount of pink stuff in all 3 prams her parents so kindly leave in our doorway. - This also confuses me why so many prams if they never take her out of the house???
Anyway, baby girl has not stopped crying since they came home from the hospital (6 months ago now). I am not a horrible monster lady and I do understand that babies cry and they cry a lot! but at what point does it stop being things like colic and teething troubles to just plain negligence on the parents behalf???
I work from home and I get to hear the baby all day long and then all night long as they party on with their countless amount of weeknight guests. Their parenting skills are strange to say the least. This child sounds like she is being set on fire the way she screams and it truly is torturing to hear. To the point of when we have our own guests over the main topic of conversation is: WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THAT BABY? 

I have heard of parents becoming numb to the sound of their children's screaming but I think these people have taken it to the extreme this week. As I said I work from home and our walls are pretty thin and some of their 'baby calming/soothing' techniques leave me with my chin on the floor. For instance the baby was screaming quite early in the morning earlier this week and after about an hour (I am assuming the mother) turned on the stereo at full blast??? baby still crying. One time I was going out and they had left her outside our door in the hallway strapped to the stroller??? She must of been there for a while because I did think wow she sounds louder today.
Would I be overstepping my neighbourly bounds by knocking on the door and saying  - please give me your baby?
As I said I am not a mother and am in no way saying that being a parent is a walk in the park but, I am truly concerned for this child. I type this as she is crying right now and has been for the last 6 hours. There might even be something wrong with her that they are not having checked? or maybe they have. Who knows, I just feel really bad for the baby it can not be good for it's vocal cords.

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