Tuesday, 12 February 2013

turf wars...

Anyone who lives in Australia will know just how deranged these little fur balls are. I have always lived in pretty built up coastal areas without many trees so never really had to deal with nature. My first encounter with these devils was when we were kids and spent a summer living in the hills of Frankston Sth or Mt Eliza { burb lines are pretty blurry there } and a family of them moved into our roof. { I thank god that the devil in our tree at the moment is not as big as those monsters }

NOW, we live 5min from Melbourne cbd HOW on earth do we have possums? And it's not just one we have a whole gang.
Shooing them away defiantly does not work, they just stare at me with those shifty eyes and I know their thinking...
"dude, you really need new pyjamas"
Last week we had enough and decided to clean out the whole back courtyard in hope that if we take away all their play equipment they would find a new place to play and use as a toilet. We took away the washing machine, an old cupboard, cut all the branches close to the windows and swept up all the leaves but, this only half worked.

We have had some funny moments this week watching them try to find new obstacles and misjudging distances.
{ a little cruel I know but hey weeks with no sleep will do that to you } Some have given up and moved on but we have a stubborn one who has decided to get payback on us for ruining his pad. He is louder than ever, it is the most horrible noise. It is like something is being tortured to death.

I have been doing some research online and have found some pretty interesting/funny forums about getting rid of possums. I think this week I am going to have to take drastic measures and start possum proofing our tree and fence so they can't latch on. Plus when cleaning out the courtyard we realised we have a pretty decent entertaining area. We don't want possum attacks during dinner parties.

Do you have any successful possum proofing tips? Please share in the comments below, would love to try some....