Thursday, 21 February 2013

things I don't like very much:

1. Following so many links through my favourite blogs that I forget what
    my initial purpose was or what I was suppose to be actually doing. My fault ^^Do LOVE this wall^^

2. Not remembering what I did with my keys literally 30 seconds ago.

3. Stinking hot summer nights.

4. Spiders, Ants, Flies, Mosquito's and anything insect like.
    Oh and Moths! I hate Moths. THEY EAT CLOTHES! - haters.

5. Crocs { I don't care how comfy they are }

6. A boss that is too lazy to type his own 2 line emails.

7. Possums

8. The messy tenants in our building.

9. Life insurance, e-harmony and schticky commercials.

10.  Rude people and Liars. I am shocked at how many people have no respect for pregnant ladies...
^^^ if only ^^^
Kind of beautiful and I know they are paper but I would die in this room.
{ shivers right now }

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