Tuesday, 5 February 2013

the bridesmaids are here....

OK! So I am no expert on the matter {having been married a total of zero times} but I was under the impression that it is meant to be a happy time? Right? 
Now I have been a part of a number of weddings lately and visited countless bridal stores on the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid, flower girl and most importantly wedding dresses. 
We have all heard of the term bridezilla's but what do we call the evil monsters that work in these bridal shops? Who do they think they are? Why are they so angry? Is there a need to be so rude to us? We are just looking for a pretty dress? Take away the flashy ball gowns and at the end of the day are they not just shop assistants? Nothing against shop assistants { I was one up to a few months ago, it's tough! } But our interesting experience/encounter with some of these "assistants" on Friday afternoon in Richmond was the WORST!

Apart from the poor service and attitude the sales assistants gave us {you can see in the photos} we only got the chance to try on one dress. To try on colour options was an issue and we were told we had to hold them up against ourselves if we really wanted see colours.
 One of the sales assistant was also kind enough to start pointing out our body flaws. 
{ thanks }

So, after all that we did not walk away with our dresses sorted as we had hoped. 
But looking on the bright side at least we now know what we don't want in a dress and we still have a few months till the big day, just a matter of getting together again. 
It will come together Estelle I promise.


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