Thursday, 14 February 2013

now my life is sweet like cinnamon...

SHE is always running late // HE stresses out when she is running late
SHE eats toast while walking around the house // HE always uses a plate
SHE leaves her shoes all around the house & then forgets where they are // HE has all his shoes in neat rows
SHE is obsessed with pillows on the bed { more is more } // HE always asks why if we only sleep on one?
SHE won't shut up when he gets home from work // HE politely listens even though he really wants to nap.
SHE constantly redecorates the apartment // HE is not a fan of change
SHE is obsessed with the crime + investigation channel // HE sleeps with one eye open
SHE can never find her keys // HE is in charge of always having keys so we don't get locked out.
SHE can eat cheese all day long // HE hates the smell and will not kiss her after eating it {sometimes}
SHE never reads the paper but always buys it {for him} // HE never throws them out when they get old
SHE really wants a puppy // HE reminds her how small our apartment is and to be patient
SHE always forgets special dates and events // HE reminds her to write things down
SHE speaks fluent Spanish // HE speaks fluent Hungarian
SHE hates cleaning the bathroom // HE leaves beard shavings all over the vanity
SHE sleeps better with background noise // HE can not have a peek of light or any noise
SHE wishes she could eat cake all day // HE could eat seafood every day
SHE hates the A LOT // HE can watch it for days straight
SHE loves anything in Soup form // HE doesn't believe Soup is a meal
SHE will laugh hysterically at the stupidest jokes // HE will laugh at her laughing at something so terrible 
SHE calls him Rey  // HE makes her sleepy time tea

We may be different in so many ways but one thing is exactly the same

SHE loves him + HE he loves her
and this is why you make me so happy!
Love you Stevie boy and I can't wait for our Valentines date.