Thursday, 31 January 2013

We made a BOLD decision the other day... { and giveaway winner }

...We turned our back on Facebook...
{ YEP, insert crickets here! }

After months of following the progress of our Facebook account and weighing up how much time we invest into keeping it fresh we found that it actually does nothing for us.

I personally have found Facebook to be a very negative place lately and have not used my personal account for months now... { keeping it only because it was linked to the business account } It has actually been very liberating saying goodbye to ol facey. In saying this I am not against all social media in fact I am a huge fan of twitter, instagram and now the new vine app {this is my new fav}

Apart from my personal tiring of Facebook {and it's strange game spam} the biggest deal breaker over the past few months has been how hard they are making it for small businesses to reach customers... You have to pay to promote posts and reach more people? This little ol sparrow over here can not be paying every time I have something to share.

So yeah... I am deleting Facebook. Probably not news worthy but I thought I would share.
Anyone else over Facebook? I would love to hear your thoughts...

So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehen, goodbye.... Facebook!

The winner of our Maud N Lil giveaway is:

 mum1972- I would love to win Paw's the Pup for my first grandchild due in May.
Congratulations! Please email with your shipping details so we can send Paws to you right away.... xox

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